Melbourne Yamaha Digital Piano Specialists

Melbourne Yamaha Digital Piano Specialists


We're Yamaha Digital Piano Specialists because Prestige Pianos stocks leading brand pianos and accessories to match all individual needs and preferences.Situated in Melbourne. Phone 03 9480 6777.

Be it home, studio or stage, you'll find a Yamaha digital piano for the best purpose. You have various models that may be appreciated by both beginners along with professionals. Yamaha has become the only brand which has a huge range of goods that appeal to not merely beginners but in addition professional piano keyboard players.

The DGX/YPG series, P series, the YDP series and also the recently introduced Yamaha Piaggero series are a few its popular models, using the Piaggero as a very recent addition whereas the other series have existed for a long time now.

So which Yamaha piano should one choose? That will depend on what might you make use of keyboard instrument for. Most of the models inside the above group of pianos have weighted graded hammer keys.

Yamaha YDP / Arius series contain the traditional upright pianos, more apt to your family area. This Yamaha digital piano can be used for learning, teaching or perhaps for enjoying.

People who are looking for accompaniment styles in your 88 key piano keyboards may think about the Yamaha DX/YPG series.

The Yamaha P series is apt for Pianists, people who just need an excellent touch and good piano sounds, are not interested in the Bells and whistles.

If you are a onstage performer and perform a large amount of gigs, you can examine out your 76 keys Yamaha Piaggero series, a recent summary of the Yamaha range of pianos, and suitable for those looking for a more portable option.


Experienced players and beginners both will discover something inside their budget, considering the various series that are available for Yamaha digital pianos. Mind you, Yamaha keyboard instruments are very well laid out and very user friendly.

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